École Presqu'Île Experience

Discover my path at École Presqu’Île

École Presqu'Île Design Graphique Lyon

What is École Presqu'Île ?

Validated by the National Ministry of Education since 1984, École Presqu’Île is a French postgraduate private school. Located in 14 Rue Gorge de Loup, Lyon, France, professionals have been instructing for 38 years professions related to different sectors such as graphic design, space design, communication and property business.

École Presqu’Île’s origins are rooted in art because of its former director Jean-Louis Raynard.

Naturally, taking the graphic design course has been quite the journey.

The Graphic design course

L’École Presqu’Île proposed a three year graphic design course rewarded by bachelor degree nationally recognized. During the course, I’ve learnt all the essence and tools of graphic design with the help of experts. Typography, logo design, branding, web and print, but also the use of traditional art such as painting, sculpting… I’ve discovered and made my way though the softwares, the unavoidable Adobe Suite, and some others that helped me growing my creativity, such as Clip Studio Paint, and Blender. But we also had drawing and plastic art classes to wake up our use of different sources.

Within this course, I also discovered the whole web revolving around graphic design, and how to collaborate with other important fields whether they may be printers, publishers, developers, photographers, and how graphic design is basically everywhere. I’ve learnt to be polyvalent and to always be open to try new things, in sectors that I would have never imagined.

Artistic way of life in École Presqu'Île

L’École Presqu’Île lives in a lively and dynamic environment. 

First, by it’s localization, Presqu’Île shares its space (previously Cap Vaise), with numerous and varied artistic groups in a new cultural and festive area : Magonia. It has the chance to live next to a theater company and artists house Social Palace, the dance crew Pokemon Crew, an orchestra band, the Blast’art community and Les Convives association. Graphic designers, street artists, comedians, dancers, musicians, painters, sculptors…

All you need to stimulate and inspire your creativity is here, just a few steps away.

The school also benefits from active collaborations with its alumni and other companies in order to create some original and real challenges for its students, allowing them to work in real conditions. They also organize lots of trips to museums and galeries, and encounters with professionals.

Presqu’Île makes it a point of honor to let the students find their own style through self expression. What changes from a regular design school, is that it teaches the codes, then the ways to break it, and how to be original instead. 

By using all means to create, whether they may be digital or traditional, Presqu’Île tries to make us into, not only designers, but artists of our own kind. 

Other students I’ve worked with also have this really specific and personal artistic fiber.

Don’t hesitate to check out their work ! ✨

Sazer’s creations are deep rooted in street art, and don’t hesitate to explore typography in a vibrant and fun way.
Lucas Issartial
Former drawing student, he navigates through a hand-drawn and illustrative universe, with a unique sens of meticulousness.
Theo Piatkowski
Theo Piatkowski strikes with efficient design and branding works, and an energetic color style.
Utopia’s work revolves around one word : sobriety. Hence, a lot of geometric, organized and striped down design.

The school is really small. The classes only welcome ten to twenty students at a time. Not only it is a better environment to work and to create in, but it also helps growing a group cohesion,  learning together, and giving each others advice when needed. We are a team, and the particularity and skills from each person can be used in order to create something more original.

All of the teachers are professionals who already have their own activities beside classes. They are experienced designers, working as freelancers, with they own vision and style, who are really eager to share their knowledge. Students have a really close relationship with them and are safe to ask whatever question they have. There is an atmosphere filled with warmth and kindness, and they will always try to push the students forward.
Shoutout to Estève, Pierre and Patrick !

It depends. The professors are great. The environment is well inclined towards learning and progression, all with fun and conviviality. However, the intern communication is mediocre, and there is a significant lack of organization, regarding the classes, the formation, and all important informations in general, that brings a lot of frustration. In the course of the formation, everything until the final exams seem blurry, even stressful, as if the school was not really prepared for it themselves. If you really yearn for an art driven experience, if you aren’t bothered by unregulated work pace, and if you have a steady heart, then go for it !

My experience

Learning with École Presqu’Île has been full of lessons. They provided me a safe space to learn, and to gain confidence in my work. Thanks to them, I learned to push my boundaries and open my mind to new ideas. I also learned to work as a group, and to bring to life real projects and requests.
But most of all, I learned to be positive, and to adapt to every situation, even if they seem too bad to overcome. Even if my path in École Presqu’Île was chaotic, I made the best of it. It made me stronger, more determined to work and to reach my goals.

I now know that you can’t have everything go your way in life, but what will make the difference is how you approach it, and how determined you are the overcome hardships. And that is a precious lesson that is way more valuable in life than a simple diploma. 

I will forever be grateful for my professors, who made me into the person than I am today !