BBC Beer Tag

Graphic creation

The Brew Brothers Company, a Belgian brewer settled in Lyon, contacted my school in order to make creative tags for their new brand of craft beers.

I created a tag for their chocolate and coffee flavored beer, conveying a wild yet sweet feeling to it.

Inspired by chocolate and coffee commercials, I created a tag with an intense universe, using a strong yet elegant animal figure, the black panther. Two panthers are dancing around in a whirl, evoking the sweet flavors in mouth.


Colors & Materials

Eerie black


Smoky Black


Van Dyke Brown




Khaki Web


I worked with dark, warm and brown hues to evoke the chocolate and coffee flavors in the beer. The touches of gold bring dynamism and make the beer seems like an elegant beverage.


A strong and geometrical sans serif typography, that brings a necessary dynamism in the tag  to represent the bitterness of the coffee and the hop.